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It all began with a dream of living near the sea...

A Native North Carolinian, Lynni Megginson brought her southern roots to the DC Metro area and for over two decades enjoyed being a part of the dynamic world of Interior Design in the Nation's Capitol. In addition to winning numerous awards including Best of Interior Design two years in a row, she has done work at the White House and was named one of DC's Top 100 Interior Designers for many consecutive years.  Fast forward to the present and you can now find Lynni living by the sea creating beautiful design projects in Palm Coast, Florida. "It's always been my dream to live at the beach, and this little slice of paradise is now home to me". She has a small atelier right on A1A located at 4440 N. Oceanshore Blvd Suite 109, filled with fabrics, cabinetry, wallcovering and all sorts of lovely things that Lynni has collected in her travels. 


Her design philosophy is simple: It's all about the client. "I have the privilege of designing luxurious, livable homes for a myriad of clients. Some have lively kids and rambunctious pets, and some have a quieter lifestyle. Every situation is different. However, I understand budgets and how people really live. It's my job to translate that into a home that is not only functional, but beautiful."
Having created beautiful interiors from San Francisco to Miami, Lynni brings her iconoclastic sense of style to every project she undertakes. "I see things differently than most people do. I like breaking rules and incorporating unexpected finds and elements into every project I do. I believe your home should be your refuge...a place to create memories, a haven that brings you joy and comfort. It's my privilege to be part of that process for my clients."

Jason Cooke

Contractor and Lead Installer

Jeff Burke

Class A General Contractor

J Burke Construction LLC

Per Solberg

Marketing and Photography

Sail Breeze Productions LLC

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