Happy Beachy 2019

Hello friends!

I know, I know...2018 started out with a WHOLE lot of me making promises to really keep up with this blog, and look at me now. Three whole posts in all of 2018: ME, the person who loves to write more than anything!

Well, after what was a relatively grueling 2018 (don't get me wrong...lots of good things happened along the way that I"ll tell you about in future posts) but suffice it to say that I was mighty happy when 2018 got washed out to sea on the stroke of Midnight this past week.

I'm still here in Florida, loving the scent of the sea and watching my two doggies Pita and Chewy play on the beach. Since I've last checked in I've opened a brand new Design Studio right on A-1A on The Hammock, the little slice of paradise that I'm lucky enough to live in. I can't wait to do a video with a little tour of the new space...it's tiny, but oh so chic and VERY Lynni!

I miss my friends and family scattered far and wide, but over the past year have learned to enjoy being alone as well as really get to know some wonderful people that have for a variety of reasons chosen to make this unique spot in Florida their homes. Who knows why a person comes to a place? For me it was to start over with a fresh slate post-divorce. For others, the lure of simple living in the Funky Flagler Beach area with it's myriad of cool restaurants, live music, and of course surfing near the Flagler Pier. For others it's the world class golf at The Club at Hammock Beach. Whatever the reason, I'm very lucky to have met some genuinely kind people here who have welcomed me with open arms, which is a blessing in itself!

At any rate, I have SO many exciting design projects that are revving up, some awesome ideas on how to revamp my entire website (wanna shop in my closet anyone?) and even a book idea I've been toying with over the past few months. Even though this year has been an emotional whirlwind, I take to heart what a good friend told me last week:

"2019 is completely empty. Go and fill it up with GOOD THINGS!".

I completely concur. Fill it up, indeed. Until next time (which I promise will be soon...)



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